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Wills & Estate Planning

I have prepared an Estate Planning Questionnaire which I highly recommend that you at least examine in your estate planning efforts.  I offer it freely to you because I feel very strongly that your legacy and life's work should be distributed as you desire.  The only way to know what you truly have is to go through this questionnaire and gather the support documents.  

Even if you never choose me for your estate planning, please at least look at the Questionnaire, make photocopies of recent support documents and include them in your final papers.

A completed Estate Planning Questionnaire and copies of even old documents creates a snap shot for your estate's executor or loved ones to better understand your estate.

While not the most enjoyable of topics, estate planning can be critical not only to your loved ones receiving your life's assets and worth on your terms as you desire, but also can establish your desires as to what level of measures you wish a hospital or care giver to render upon your person.  Do you wish to have the hospital or care given keep you alive at all costs, even if that translates to you being 'alive'  in terms of breathing but trapped in a coma or vegetative state?  Estate planning can help loved ones know in advance what you want and more importantly allow you to designate those you trust and care about to make good decisions on your behalf  by following your wishes.  

I offer a complete estate planning package competitively priced and designed to meet most estate planning needs.  As each individual is unique, so to are their needs, but in any event, I urge you to consider allowing me to prepare a estate plan for you.

I highly recommend that before you begin an estate plan, you take an accounting of your estate and its assets.  We often think of our net worth in terms of current income and not consider all that we own and assets that are of value but not liquid such as stocks, bonds, insurance policies, real estate, etc.
My reasonable flat fee Complete Estate Planning Packages generally include:

Last Will & Testament -  a legal document which will be properly witnessed and executed according to Illinois law in which the person, called the testator names one or more persons to mange their estate, provides for the transfer of property at the time of their death. It is my practice to also include the completed Estate Planning Questionnaire and copies of all of your insurance policies, bank statements, trading accounts, burial plots and burial wishes etc. as a reference addendum to the Last Will package.  

Living Will -   Commonly known as an advanced health care directive.  Living Wills contain your specific instructions which will specify what actions you desire to be taken in the event you are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity.  This is where you can specify the efforts you wish a health care provider to utilize to save or prolong your life. If you fear ending up in a extended coma, lying in a vegetative state for years upon end, or being kept alive but not cognitive in a extended stay facility, you should have a Living Will.

Power of Attorney for Property -
 A written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf.  The person granted this authority can buy or sell property, and essentially act economically as the person themselves granting this power. We can restrict this power to only become effective upon the finding by an attending doctor or your inability to act independently or you can empower a trusted individual upon the execution of the document.  This allows others to work on your behalf with your assets while you are still alive.

Power of Attorney for Medical - The purpose of this Power of Attorney is to allow another person to make medical decisions on your behalf. This empowers a trusted individual or loved one to execute your medical wishes and desires should you be unable to communicate them.  Often the language of a Living Will is duplicated in the Power of Attorney for Medical.  

I offer exceptional savings when you include your Spouse in the Estate Planning Action. We can of course explore trusts and other estate planning vehicles as needed. My rates are reasonable, and the results are customized to your needs specifically. We will also insure that all documents are properly notarized, witnessed, and all your questions answered.  As part of the Estate Planning Package, I also advise on what are called non-Probate assets such as life insurance and Pay On Death Accounts.  My goal is and remains to make sure that your wishes and desires become reality in the finished documents. 

Call me for my rate.  Please begin the process by downloading, examining, and completing the
Estate Planning Questionnaire.  

 A PDF  of Estate Planning Questionnaire can be accessed here

An excellent website which might be helpful to you in your estate planning endeavors is EstatePlanning.com 

It is critical that you do not take estate planning lightly.  Many online sites offer documents, but in Illinois, specifically in the case of Wills, certain rules or what is known as a Will Execution Ceremony must occur.  As an attorney, I have seen the desire of Testators (Will makers) completely turned upside down because they went and downloaded a Will online, thought they would save a few bucks and not utilize an Attorney and had for example the main taker under the Will sign as a witness.  These kind of errors will invalidate the gift to that person and sometimes even the Will itself.  

If you care enough to make estate planning a factor in your life, please at least educate yourself properly before presuming that you have done the right thing for your loved ones.  For a nominal fee, I will review and offer comments on existing estate planning documents.  If nothing else, I can at least tell you if they are valid under Illinois law.

Need Estate Planning Help?

Last Will & Testament?
Powers of Attorney?
Living Will?
Pet Trusts?
Trusts for Minor Children?
Start with the free Estate Planning Questionnaire and then call or email me.
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 Winston Churchill said "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" 

Did you know that the State of Illinois has already written a Will for you? Yes, if you fail to plan, than plan to let the State leading the nation in economic failures decide what happens to your assets. If you pass on without a Final Will, the laws in intestate succession will govern what happens to your assets.

Remember we are living in the State who just raised your State taxes by 66% last cycle. Are you sure you wish to let this loving body govern the final disposition of your life's assets?

Check out the law which creates a Last Will for you  here 

Dying without a Final Will in Illinois makes you die intestate. Not to worry, those wise politicians in Springfield have already written a Will for you.  Here is the law, and in effect your Will if you do not have a Last Will.  Also note no Living Will or Powers of Attorney are written for you by the Legislature.

Link above to 755 ILCS 5/2-1

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